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PROMPT depression


Medical Need

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is the most common psychiatric disease worldwide and represents a leading cause of years lived with disability. A high number of MDD patients do not achieve response to antidepressant treatment and a full symptomatologic remission with functional recovery, representing a huge economic burden for the health public systems.

PROMPT Objectives

It is extremely relevant to identify predictive markers at different levels (stratification of clinical features, genetic and gene expression profiles) and to integrate all this information for its use in “real-world” settings.


The perspective is to design future clinical trials in which the prediction provided by the integration of clinical and -omics signatures will be used to drive decision making by the clinicians as well as patients perspectives.


The PROMPT project

This project has a unique personalized medicine approach addressing an important and large medical burden: treatment resistance in MDD

European network

The project connects experts in different complementary disciplines (clinical psychiatry, -omics sciences, bioinformatics, modelling) from different European countries

PROMPT is committed to fostering gender balance in research teams, ensuring gender balance in decision-making, and integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation.



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Major depressive disorder (MDD)



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